Fingerprint recognition padlock
Fingerprint recognition padlock
Fingerprint padlock 50mm
Weatherproof Fingerprint recognition padlock
Fingerprint recognition padlock
Fingerprint recognition padlock
Fingerprint Smart Padlock setup instructions

Fingerprint Biometric Smart Padlocks

Smart Padlocks biometric smart padlocks Weatherproof
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Fingerprint Padlock Features: 


  • 0.5s Unlocking, convenient unlocking without key
  • Design for outdoor Used, water-proof and high security
  • Against Vibrating, suit for logistics transportation
  • Triple water-proof protection: water-proof materials +fill silica gel + water-proof cover
  • Solid Brass Materials, not hollow, higher security
  • Super High Security Level:
  • Anti-cut Anti-saw alloy steel shackle ,
  • Double sides of shackle are secured by steel balls to against attack,
  • Sweden FPC fingerprint sensor with high precision fingerprint recognition and prevent false fingerprint reading
  • Number of users that can be saved = 2 Administrator and 18 Users
  • Min unlocking 3000 times Tested to 5000
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Included
  • USB Charging Cable Included


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6 x optical magnification rangefinder new product title

Ranging Scope 3-1200m

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